ACP Sheet

The Alutone Clasico Series are offered by us that are described as a sandwich panel. The aluminum composite panel is actually a construction material with a thermoplastic polythene base as well as a fire-retardant base layer placed between two made of aluminum sheets. Polythene is not a fire-resistant material; It fires and spreads. ACP sheet is a three-layer construction or cladding material consisting of a low-density thermoplastic polyethylene core with a thin aluminum layer on top. The ACP sheet uses are so diverse and distinctive. The offered Alutone Clasico Series are offered in various types and designs as per the need. 
We are offering here the Alutone Madera Series that consists of two Aluminium cover sheets at the top & bottom with a mineral-filled polymer core sandwiched in between. ACP sheets are versatile and offer various applications including surface cladding, house/office interior, false ceiling, & many more. They have numerous advantages over other materials on the market due to their simplicity of use and versatility. They are the go-to material for cladding building surfaces and faade installation. They offer high durability, hassle-free installation, low maintenance, wonderful aesthetics, easy workability etc. The Alutone Madera Series are very effective and available in various colors. 
The Alutone Madera Series are offered by us that are some of the most cost effective cladding materials used to make modern structures more appealing. They are widely used across India in building elevation, exteriors as well as interiors. They are apt for businesses as much as they are for residential buildings. They are used as partitions and false-ceilings too. The layers of a sheet usually depend on the application. One of the most used sheet layers is a protective film. The Alutone Piedra Series are made in various designs and can be used in various purposes.   
We are offering here the Alutone Piedra Series that are used in various industries. The outer look on construction is as critical as the interior design. Though architects still use bricks, stones, metal, concrete, and other composite materials for external cladding or facades, the emergence of the aluminum composite panel has changed external cladding. Because of the high-quality features of the ACP sheet and its flexibility, aluminum cladding is now the most used cladding material worldwide. Because of its layers, aluminum composite panel sheet has high insulation of heat, cold, and sound. Alutone Arena Series is very efficient. 
The Alutone Sparkle Series will enhance the room dynamics and create a vibrant, striking space. It is very economical, durable, anti-bacteria, easy to install, easy to clean, lightweight, easy to cut and has many other benefits. This unique range of Aluminium Composite Panels is on high-demand in the market and primary choice of architects. Sparkle ACP sheets are multi-purpose with some striking characteristics. These can be contrasted with other shades to create a style that surely matches the tastes and preferences. The Alutone Sparkle Series are made for commercial and industrial uses. 
The Alutone Glossy Series was made by a process of lifting the gloss of the aluminum composite panel surface paint. The high gloss means the gloss of the acp panel coating. Generally, The acp panel will be clearly when the gloss is between 85 and 95 degrees. The use of glossy ACP sheet will help your place stand out from the crowd. The exterior ACP sheet's glossy surface will shine brightly and give a unique visual appeal to the entire structure. People can choose a single color or a combination of two or three colors. Alutone Glossy Series is very attractive. 

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